Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Siavii found guilty of killing Kalb;
LWOP, plus 25 possible sentence

by Tom Nadeau

A Sacramento jury found admitted drug trafficker Poe Blue Siavii guilty today of all charges arising from the May 5, 2008 execution-style slaying of Joshua Kalb.

Siavii could be sentenced to a prison term of life without parole, plus 25 years, Deputy District Attorney Chris Ore said.

The extra 25 years came from special circumstances of “lying in wait” enhanced by the use of a gun, Ore explained.

Siavii “showed no emotion” when the verdict was read, Ore said, adding: “Justice has been served.”

Sacramento County Superior Court Judge James L. Long set the sentencing time and date for 9 a.m. Nov. 22, 2010.

No good guys ...

In the course of the two-week trial of People v. Siavii, #08F07611 it emerged that Siavii was a big-time middleman in the transfer of bulk quantities of methamphetamine – sometimes as much as four pounds at a load – between Northern California producers and dealers in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Siavii would ship the drugs from Sacramento via UPS to Honolulu. Later, Steven Riddick, the “third man” and star prosecution in this drug drama, would fly to Hawaii to bring back the money in a canvas carry-all bag.

The sums involved reached as high as $380,000 in one transaction, witnesses testified. At one point in the trial, Siavii testified he had upwards of $900,000 in cash proceeds stashed in a Sacramento-area self-storage unit.

Riddick, who was granted immunity for his testimony against Siavii, explained the murder circumstances this way.

Apparently, money was the root of the evil in this case. Siavii owed $30,000 to Kalb but didn’t want to pay it.

So, in a series of cell phone calls, Siavii arranged to meet with Kalb at a deserted parking lot near Highway 99 and Elkhorn Boulevard close to the Sacramento airport.

Kalb was lured there under the impression they were to meet with a “mule” bringing the $30,000 payment from Hawaii.

The third man proved to be Riddick, who was driving what was actually a get-away car.

Siavii had pleaded innocent to all charges and testified in his own behalf. It was at the point that Riddick drove up that the two versions of the tale departed.

Riddick claimed that when he got out of his car, Siavii got out of the far with Kalb to move from the front passenger seat to the back seat behind Kalb, whereupon he pulled out a gun and shot Kalb in the back of the head twice.

Together, Siavii and Riddick cleaned up the scene (or so they thought) and left. Kalb’s body was discovered the next morning.

Riddick was tied to the crime via Kalb cell phone records and, when contacted by Sacramento County sheriff’s detectives, he rolled on Siavii, agreeing to act as an informant in exchange for leniency.

Investigators substantiated Siavii’s link to the crime through statements he made to Riddick in Samoan during a monitored phone call and also by saliva DNA evidence extracted from a cigarette butt and Coca-Cola can Siavii admitted dropping at the scene.

Siavii agreed the crime took place and that he was there. He just changed the scenario around so that it was Riddick who got into the back seat and offed Kalb – with a 10-second delay between shots: Bang! … Bang! again.

The jury asked for two read-backs during its deliberations, including virtually all Siavii’s lengthy testimony.

The guilty verdict, with L-WOP likely, indicated which version they believed.


Blogger natasha said...

He didnt do it. The person that said he did it, Is the real killer. So you guys once again put a innocent man in jail for murder. Wow Sacramento county will do anything for a conviction. Everyone should be proud of Sacramento County, because the arrest innocent people and let the guilty run free to kill whoever they want. GOOD JOB SACRAMENTO, COUNTY.


November 8, 2010 at 10:56 AM  
Blogger PokerBabe said...

I went to grade school with Chico's little brother. Met him a few times, he never struck me as someone who could kill someone.

July 26, 2013 at 2:22 AM  
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