Monday, October 25, 2010

Siavii jury asks for 2 read-backs

by Tom Nadeau

About 3 p.m. Monday the jury in People v. Poe Blue Siavii, #08F07611, called for a read-back of two portions of the trial testimony.

The first request was for a read-back of the testimony given regarding the pretext call made by key prosecution witness Steven Riddick to the defendant.

Riddick was "the third man" in the drama revolving around the 2008 killing of drug dealer Joshua Kalb.

The second request was for the court reporter to read back the testimony of defendant Siavii.

It could take some time ...

The jury requested no specific portion of Siavii's testimony to be read back, the court attendant for Judge James L. Long said.

Since Siavvi was on the stand two days testifying on his own behalf, it is unknown how long the requested read-back could take. It is therefore unlikely a verdict will be reached today.

According to Riddick and Sacramento County sheriff's investigators the three men met at a late hour at the Park 'n' Ride lot at Elkhorn Boulevard and Highway 99, supposedly for a drug debt pay-off.

Riddick says Siavii instead shot and killed Kalb. Siavii says Riddick did it.

The prosecution granted Riddick immunity for his testimony.

The deliberations continue in Sacramento County Superior Court.


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