Friday, May 28, 2010

Something new to show the jury

Will this be the next courtroom exhibit?

Der Spiegel: He bears a passing resemblance to the Grim Reaper, the dead are his business and the media even calls him "Doctor Death." His Body Worlds exhibition of human bodies and animals -- preserved and displayed in often bizarre poses in a method he invented and calls plastination -- has been seen by over 30 million people around the world.

But this week, Gunther von Hagens, 65, will be attracting attention at home in Germany, where he is set on Friday to reopen a plastination facility and exhibition in the town of Guben in the eastern German state of Brandenburg. More controversially, von Hagens' Plastinarium will also be selling some of Dr. Death's work in what German tabloids have dubbed a "supermarket for bodyparts" and a "cabinet of horrors."

Like some macabre charcuterie, von Hagens' "Plastinat Shop" will feature transparent silicon "slices" of everything from humans to ducks to giraffes and crocodiles. The price tag on a slice of a human head is a lofty €1,500 ($1,838), and a cross-section down the length of a human body is even dearer -- going for 10 times that. He is also expected to open up an online shop for those with no time to travel to a remote eastern German town in search of body art. For the squeamish, full-sized color photos are available.

A case to follow, if only for its entertainment value

British police are still searching for the bodies of three women that self-identified ’crossbow cannibal’ is charged with killing.

But how can they expect to find the corpses when the alleged killer may have eaten them?


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