Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hagins jury picked; 9 women, 3 men

A jury of nine women and three men was empanelled Tuesday in the Yuba County Superior Court trial of 19-year-old Elverta man Marcus Charles Hagins who faces multiple felony criminal charges including sexual assault and burglary.

Hagins is accused of five felony counts relating to a May 2009 break-in at a Plumas Lake home, during which an unnamed 19-year-old woman was allegedly attacked and threatened with a knife.

Judge Kathleen R. O’Connor ordered the jury to return Thursday morning for the trial to start. Wednesday is a court holiday.

The judge said earlier that 10 court days had been set aside for the trial, but it might not take that long.

Hagins allegedly entered the woman’s home during the night and stuffed a “ball gag” into her mouth for sexual purposes.

A tall, spare, quiet man, Hagins wore a dark suit in court today. He is represented by Sacramento attorney Michael G. Bowman.

The prosecutor in the case is Deputy District Attorney Jennifer R. Dupré-Tokos.

Three alternate jurors – two women and one man – were also selected.

by Tom Nadeau


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