Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Criminal trial delayed for beleaguered Leary

The May 4 criminal trial of former Elk Grove City Council member Michael Leary has been postponed until at least June 29 bby a Sacramento County Superior Court judge.

The postponement came after a hallway conference between Leary’s criminal defense lawyer William Portanova and prosecutor Michael Blazina.

Leary faces four criminal charges of real estate fraud for allegedly filing altered documents and attempting to defraud his former girlfriend Alyc Maselli out of her portion of a property they reportedly owned jointly.

Subsequent to his criminal indictment, Leary was terminated from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.

While conferring with Portanova in the hallway outside the courtroom of Judge Gary E. Ransom, Leary seemed to be frustrated with the process.

“I want this thing over and done,” Leary told his defense team.

Once back in the courtroom, Ransom scheduled further proceedings for May 10 , a pre-trial conference for June 8 and a trial start date of June 29.

After the hearing, Blazina said the continuance was needed to allow for further discovery issues for both parties.

“I think I have something that the court should have; there is some issue with my ability to provide it,” Blazina said. “So we have to get some guidance from the court on how to go about doing that that,”

When asked if the extra time was needed for new witnesses or evidence, Blazina said he couldn’t comment.

Dan Gougherty
Elk Grove News


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