Saturday, August 14, 2010

The 'King of Crazy Lawsuits'

by Tom Nadeau

This guy I'd like to interview this guy, Jonathan Lee Riches. His lawsuits speak volumes. Literally.
“Jonathan Lee Riches will be in every local, state, federal court in the world, then when my name gets banned or flagged, the 100’s of AKA’s of mine kick in and refile. I’m Murphy’s Law, the Plague, Cyrus the Lawsuit Virus. I swine flu suits with tainted pork in the courts. I appeal. Anyone is welcome to write me. I appeal.” —Jonathan Lee Riches, March 16, in a motion appealing the decision of Hon. Miriam Goldman, Southern District of New York, denying him representation of Martha Stewart in United States of America v. Stewart.

Comes now Jonathan Lee Riches, aka the “Legislator Crusader,” “Johnny Sue-nami,” the “Duke of Lawsuits,” the “Neal Boortz of Appeal Courts,” “Sue-per-man,” the “Patrick Ewing of Suing,” the “Lawsuit Zeus,” aka “Bernard Madoff,” aka “Irving Picard,” aka “Howard Stern,” aka “Herb Allison,” aka “Robert Alan Meyst,” aka “Farouk AbdulMutallab,” the undisputed world champion of the frivolous, farcical and otherwise insane lawsuit, hell-bent on transforming the court system of the United States, and ultimately the entire world, into the stage for his own twisted brand of humor.
The entire Riches story by Beau Hodai is well worth the entertaining read.

In one of my previous Theaterland columns in the Appeal-Democrat newspaper, I wrote at length about how attending a trial in court was much like -- and at least as much fun -- as going to a stage play, or a first-run movie.

Moreover, Riches is bursting with great ideas for the more litigious of us, or for those of us who are fans of the litigation process on basic principles.


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You should really head over to for an ongoing correspondence with JLR, and new suits.

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