Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Leary requests, gets 4-week trial delay

The defense asked for and got a delay Tuesday in the pending matter of People v. Michael Leary, #09F07685 the former Sacramento jail commander suspected of fraud, forgery and other related felonies.

The prosecution quickly bowed to the postponement request so Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Gary Ransom moved Leary’s last pre-trial hearing to 1:30 p.m. July 6. There is now no firm start date for the trial.

Outside of court, defense attorney William Portonova dodged being specific about exactly why he’d sought the delay.

Problems may have arisen in rounding up needed documents or materials and unnamed individuals may have experienced a change of mind and/or heart in recent weeks, Portonova alluded.

“Time wounds all heels,” he added, cryptically.

Black suit; ready smile...

Leary, 49 – dressed neatly in a sharp black suit and red shirt with no necktie – smiled at the mention. He appeared to be in good spirits. Observed leaving the courthouse about an hour later he still appeared to be engaged in jovial conversation with companions.

The former Sacramento sheriff’s lieutenant faces four felonies allegedly committed during a disputed property transfer involving the transfer of title for a $610,000 residence at 3301 Marina Cove Circle, Elk Grove.

The other party in the troubled transfer was Leary’s former live-in girlfriend Alyc K. Maselli.

Leary pled innocent to all charges. If convicted, he could be looking at 12 years in state prison and a fine of up to $75,000. He remains free on bail.

A 27-year veteran of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, Leary left his high-ranking post when he was arrested.

Leary was also an Elk Grove city councilman for 10 years before losing a re-election bid. Before that he was Elk Grove community services director.

He and Maselli were reportedly planning marriage when their falling out occurred over a banking dispute in early 2008, court documents showed.


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